For younger readers

Puppy Academy – Scout and the Sausage Thief (July 2015)
A new series for younger readers inspired by real life working dogs, Based on Gill’s own childhood Alsatian, Zac, Scout and the Sausage Thief stars Scout, a German shepherd puppy training to be a police dog. But a misunderstanding at the Academy throws doubt on her police-dog capabilities. So, when a sausage-thief strikes, it’s up to Scout to catch the culprit and prove her merits.

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Puppy Academy – Star on Stormy Mountain (October 2015)
Star, a border collie pup, is too fast and eager to be a sheepdog. But one dark and stormy night, a lamb goes missing. Star dashes across the mountainside to find it, but she soon discovers that the lamb isn’t the only one who needs her help.

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