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A Wisp of Wisdom
An anthology of Cameroonian folk takes brought together by a conservation project, a publisher, eleven authors and an illustrator.

As the sun rises behind Mount Yuhan, a leopard, a hornbill, a civet and a tortoise ascend a ladder into the clouds.

A fly picks a fight with an elephant. A monkey pits his wits against a crocodile. And that’s all before breakfast. Armoured pangolins and blue-bottomed drill monkeys are just some of the fascinating creatures you will discover in this collection of folk tales from the Korup region of Cameroon, tales that are just as extraordinary as the animals that inspired them…

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A Story Like the Wind
A beautifully illustrated story of freedom, music and seeking refuge.

A small group of refugees is crowded on to a small boat on the sea.

One boy, Rami, has brought his violin. He tells a story of how the violin was invented, and of a stallion that could run like the wind. It weaves through the other stories, bringing them all together into a celebration of hope and of the power of music and story.

Illustrations by Jo Weaver.

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Sky Dancer (October 2017)
Joe has always loved the moorlands, the wildness, the freedom, the wide open space.

But since his father died, everything has changed and the moors are no longer a place of refuge.

Now the whole community is divided over the fate of the hen harriers that nest up there – and Joe finds himself stuck right in the middle, with a choice to make, and a huge secret to keep.

Joe can’t keep everyone happy. But can he find the strength to fight for what he really believes?

Gill will be attempting to run, cycle and kayak 105 miles through the Great Glen in September 2017 for the RSPB. This is to raise awareness and promote the conservation of hen harriers in the UK, through satellite tagging and working with schools and local communities in the areas where these beautiful skydancers should be. In spring 2018 Gill will be adopting a satellite tagged hen harrier to share its life journey with schools and readers.

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Gorilla Dawn (published September 2015)
Gorilla Dawn tells the story of Imara, a young girl abducted from her village home, and Bobo, the son of a wildlife ranger, who are imprisoned by a group of rebel soldiers deep in the heart of the African jungle. When the rebels capture a baby gorilla, intending to sell him into captivity, the children vow to return him to his family in the wild before it’s too late. The consequences of getting caught are too terrible to think about, but the children are brave and determined. Will the bond between the gorilla and the children finally give them the courage they need to escape the rebels and can they ever find true safety?

Gorilla Dawn won the Leeds Book Award and was shortlisted for the Little Rebels Award (highly commended), the UKLA Children’s Book of the Year, North Somerset Teacher’s Book Award and Steyning Grammar School Award. It was also selected for the 2016 Bookbuzz booklist. The US edition received a starred review from Kirkus and Publishers Weekly, and it was selected for the Junior Library Guild.

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Scarlet Ibis (published 2014)
Scarlet Ibis is the moving story of a young girl – Scarlet – struggling to hold her family together against the odds. Crammed into their small tower block apartment in London, Scarlet and her autistic half-brother Red are fascinated by the baby pigeon that hatches on their balcony. When the bird’s parents abandon it, Red takes the chick into his care but when their own mum has a breakdown, the siblings are split up and sent to live apart in foster care. As Scarlet struggles to adjust to life with her well-meaning foster family, she determines to do everything she can to find her beloved brother and keep his little pigeon alive for him.

Scarlet Ibis won the Little Rebels Award 2015. It was also shortlisted for the UKLA Children’s Book Award 2015 and long-listed for the CILIP Carnegie Medal 2015.

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Moon Bear (published 2013)
When twelve-year-old Tam is sent to work at a bear farm in the city, he has never felt so alone. He hates seeing the cruel way the bears are treated, but speaking up will mean losing his job. And if he can’t send money home, how will his family survive? When a sick cub arrives at the farm, Tam secretly nurses it back to health and they develop an unbreakable bond. Tam swears to return his beloved cub to the wild, but how will they ever find a way to be free?

Moon Bear was shortlisted for the Little Rebels Award 2014. The German edition of the book (Die Spur des Mondbären) won the German Environmental Prize for Children’s Literature.

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White Dolphin (published 2012)
Set on England’s South-West coast, Kara and Felix can’t stand each other when they first meet, but on discovering an injured dolphin calf on the beach they know they must work together to save it. The pair battle to protect the nearby reef but must also find out the truth behind the disappearance of Kara’s mother

Widely reviewed, praise for White Dolphin could be found in the likes of The Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph, Bliss and The Evening Standard. Winner of the Green Earth Book Award, White Dolphin was shortlisted for the Brilliant Book Award and the Independent Book Awards amongst others.

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Sky Hawk (published 2011)
Gill’s debut novel, Sky Hawk is a touching story about friendship, loyalty and hope. Callum and local outsider Iona form an unlikely partnership when they pair up to protect a rare osprey in a remote part of Scotland. From glittering lochs, across wide oceans to far off lands, the pact Callum and Iona make will change lives forever.

Sky Hawk was critically acclaimed upon publication, attracting rave reviews in the national press. It won the UKLA Children’s Book of the Year in 2012 as well as the Green Earth Book Award. The novel was also shortlisted for the Red House Children’s Book Award, the Branford Boase Award and the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize.

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